Welcome to my little homage to Karijini National Park. This site is under construction so please come back soon.

Karijini National Park a large park located in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. It is approximately 1500km north of Perth by road. The closest towns to the park are Newman to the south east and Tom Price to the west. Sealed roads connect the park from the east and west.

The area is semi-arid with most rain occurring in the summer months when the area is affected by tropical weather systems. Vegetation is spare with trees isolated to areas around gorge systems that cut deep into area's rocks.

Karijini National Park is known for its spectacular gorge systems that occur in the north of the park. Over an extended period of time water has cut deep fissures into the very hard and old rock formations. The gorges give refuge to ancient plant species and create tranquil oases in this otherwise arid land. 

I first traveled to Karijini National Park area in 1988 when it was known as the Hamersley National Park after the range of mountains forming the backbone of the area. Since my first visit I have been to the area three more times. The information and photographs that will be provided here was collected during my latest visit in June 2010.